“We should challenge the relativism that tells us there is no right or wrong, when every instinct of our mind knows it is not so, and is a mere excuse to allow us to indulge in what we believe we can get away with. A world without values quickly becomes a world without value.”
Jonathan Sacks

I write this at a time when our nation is grieving.  We are grieving the loss of twenty first grade schoolchildren shot in cold blood while at school.  Yet, not only are we grieving the horrible tragic loss of the children, we are grieving the loss of our collective innocence as a nation, since we now realize that not even schoolchildren are safe.  Nothing is sacred.  I imagine that the news will now be filled with the usual plethora of pundits parading around like market salesman trying to sell their agendas, and their political goals.  

They will suggest laws to solve our problems; yet the moral bankruptcy of our nation cannot be solved with laws made by politicians espousing their political ideals.  They will stubbornly hold to the notion that man made laws will somehow provide a moral compass to the people of our nation and lead us out of the darkness we now find ourselves in.  As if you can legislate morality.  As if the ten commandments would not have been necessary if Moses only held elections.  Who will have the courage to state the obvious; that moral relativism has bankrupted our nation of values to the point that human life itself is meaningless?  Will anyone state the truth that our nation is lost, has lost its way, and that things are only going to get worse?    Even the Muslims know that morality does not stem from government, but that it can be used to enforce religious morality.

There was a time not long ago that the United States of America shone as a beacon of freedom to the whole world.  Boldly the United States upheld Christian principles and demonstrated a degree of freedom for its citizens that has never been enjoyed anywhere else in the world.  It was obedience to spiritual principles from the law of God as set down in scripture that made our nation great.  We had it all, yet we threw it all away.  We traded righteousness for moral relativism, pluralism, and political correctness.  We forgot that it is impossible to be free without obedience to God.  Just look around at the proliferating horde of addictions that plague us as our self indulgence runs amok and creates chaos in our lives.  Our families are in shatters and suicide seems so attractive to so many.  The America of today is very different from the one that once was.  Our problems today are spiritual in nature and there is not a political solution.

  Yet we hold our democracy in such high esteem that we have overlooked the bedrock upon which it was set.  Democracy is meaningless if the people are lost and possess no moral direction.  Election after election we vote ourselves into more slavery because we don’t have the discernment nor the spiritual wisdom to choose rightly.  A corrupt electorate will place corrupt people in power, and our great Democracy will come to ruin.  In our pride we thought we could live without God and now we are experiencing the evils of which Godless mankind is capable.  Few have the wisdom and insight to address the problem, and of the ones that have the insight, even fewer will have the courage to act. 

Why is everyone so surprised?  For generations we have demanded that God be removed from our lives and we have celebrated His removal.  God is dead, removal of prayer from schools, people taking a fit because of a manger scene at Christmas.  It seems that there is tolerance and acceptance for every creed and ideal on the planet except the creed and ideal that made us great.  Christianity.  How the scoffers mock the Christians, they laugh at the failures of high profile Christians.  They joke about them on talk shows and dismiss Godfearing people as buffoons that cling to an out of date creed that should not be attractive to sophisticated modern man.  The Godless among us have set our country on a course for ruin.  The liberal “elites” mock God and belittle the Christians of this land.  The news media and Hollywood elites ruthlessly trample on Christian sensibilities like a herd of pigs.  They accuse Christians of being hypocrites, yet they are the greatest hypocrites of them all.  How many of them that weep for the children of Newtown will weep for the millions of unborn children whose lives were snuffed out by a nation that deemed their lives insignificant since they were inconvenient?  They turn from God and sacrifice our children to their selfishness.   They have pushed God away and embraced evil.  Is it any wonder that this is happening to us?  

The problem will continue as consecutive governments continue to lead us further from the God of our fathers.  Until we realize that the expulsion of God from our nation is our true problem we will never repair the extensive damage that has been done.  The alters in our land must be torn down.  There comes a time when a government is unjust and is not worthy of the obedience of its citizens.  Especially a government that pretends to be a democracy.  How long must we accept the leadership of the un-Godly that is thrust upon us?!



“Is the truth not worth fighting for?” Godfree2012