In light of the most recent middle eastern madness being splashed upon our television screens it is imperative that we closely observe the true ramifications of this situation.  The middle east has a long history of  terrorism (using terror to achieve political gains) so it is no surprise to me and neither should it be a surprise to anybody else that the Muslims are behaving in the manner that they are.  They have always used terror.  If you went back to the inception of  Islam you would realize that Islam itself spread through terror.  Convert to Islam or we will attack you.   Now the message is very simple, conform to Sharia law or we will attack  you.  The Islamists hate our freedoms, they hate our freedom of religion, and they hate our freedom of speech.  The Muslims are trying to use fear and intimidation to prevent us from criticizing Islam.  Death threats and violence.  Why should we have to obey Muslim blasphemy laws?  I have watched videos on the internet of Muslim Imans burning bibles, yet you don’t see Christians rioting and killing diplomats all over the globe.  This should demonstrate to everyone who is capable of rational thinking and has a brain larger than a hamster the true nature of  Islam; it is a violent pseudo political and religious, fascist ideology.

The future of our civilization depends on our answer to whether we have a right to disobey Islamic law.  The cowards among us are always bending over backwards trying not to offend the plethora of Muslim sensibilities.   The truth is that we do not owe Islam anything.  Islam is a hateful violent ideology.  Islam demonstrates none of the values that we cherish as free born western citizens.  I am chilled when I read U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon when he says;  “When some people use this freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some others’ values and beliefs, then this cannot be protected in such a way.”  Really mister Secretary-General?  The liberals are trying to argue that if you make the Islamists mad, you should know that they will kill as a result, you must bear some responsibility for those deaths.  Even though I think the movie that the Islamists are blaming for their latest insanity sucks, and is not worth watching, I cannot help but notice that most of what the movie said about Muhommad is true, mainly that he was a murderous thug and pedophile.  So what does our government do?  They haul the filmaker in and ask him what his intent was.  What the hell makes his intent even relevant?!?  That filmaker was exercising his inalienable right to free speech!  His film speaks for itself, it is obvious why he made it, and that it’s intent is to insult Islam.  How dare the government try to silence the citizens and remove their freedoms under the guise of hate speech!

Since when did liberals care about the sensitive feelings of the religious?  Just look in the news and see the various ways they insult Christianity on a daily basis.  They have a seizure about a nativity scene in a public place.   The liberals don’t care about Islam.  The truth is that the liberals are a bunch of cowards.  They would rather sell our freedoms away for some vague promise of peace rather than vigourously defend our freedoms against those who are it’s enemies.  They readily criticize Christianity and other religions because they are peaceful religions and they know that the Christians won’t go on a killing spree if their religion is insulted.  If you really think about it, what they are really saying is that non-Muslims living in non-Muslim countries should voluntarily adhere to Muslim law.  The thinking of the appeasers is insane.

As freeborn citizens we owe no obedience to Islamic law, and we have an obligation to not obey it.  Going along with their twisted ideology will erode our freedoms just as it does and did in all Muslim lands today.  We all need to forcefully challenge the concept of “hate speech” which if allowed to take root will erode our right to speak freely and sharia law will follow.




“Is the truth not worth fighting for?” Godfree2012