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“We should challenge the relativism that tells us there is no right or wrong, when every instinct of our mind knows it is not so, and is a mere excuse to allow us to indulge in what we believe we can get away with. A world without values quickly becomes a world without value.”
Jonathan Sacks

I write this at a time when our nation is grieving.  We are grieving the loss of twenty first grade schoolchildren shot in cold blood while at school.  Yet, not only are we grieving the horrible tragic loss of the children, we are grieving the loss of our collective innocence as a nation, since we now realize that not even schoolchildren are safe.  Nothing is sacred.  I imagine that the news will now be filled with the usual plethora of pundits parading around like market salesman trying to sell their agendas, and their political goals.  

They will suggest laws to solve our problems; yet the moral bankruptcy of our nation cannot be solved with laws made by politicians espousing their political ideals.  They will stubbornly hold to the notion that man made laws will somehow provide a moral compass to the people of our nation and lead us out of the darkness we now find ourselves in.  As if you can legislate morality.  As if the ten commandments would not have been necessary if Moses only held elections.  Who will have the courage to state the obvious; that moral relativism has bankrupted our nation of values to the point that human life itself is meaningless?  Will anyone state the truth that our nation is lost, has lost its way, and that things are only going to get worse?    Even the Muslims know that morality does not stem from government, but that it can be used to enforce religious morality.

There was a time not long ago that the United States of America shone as a beacon of freedom to the whole world.  Boldly the United States upheld Christian principles and demonstrated a degree of freedom for its citizens that has never been enjoyed anywhere else in the world.  It was obedience to spiritual principles from the law of God as set down in scripture that made our nation great.  We had it all, yet we threw it all away.  We traded righteousness for moral relativism, pluralism, and political correctness.  We forgot that it is impossible to be free without obedience to God.  Just look around at the proliferating horde of addictions that plague us as our self indulgence runs amok and creates chaos in our lives.  Our families are in shatters and suicide seems so attractive to so many.  The America of today is very different from the one that once was.  Our problems today are spiritual in nature and there is not a political solution.

  Yet we hold our democracy in such high esteem that we have overlooked the bedrock upon which it was set.  Democracy is meaningless if the people are lost and possess no moral direction.  Election after election we vote ourselves into more slavery because we don’t have the discernment nor the spiritual wisdom to choose rightly.  A corrupt electorate will place corrupt people in power, and our great Democracy will come to ruin.  In our pride we thought we could live without God and now we are experiencing the evils of which Godless mankind is capable.  Few have the wisdom and insight to address the problem, and of the ones that have the insight, even fewer will have the courage to act. 

Why is everyone so surprised?  For generations we have demanded that God be removed from our lives and we have celebrated His removal.  God is dead, removal of prayer from schools, people taking a fit because of a manger scene at Christmas.  It seems that there is tolerance and acceptance for every creed and ideal on the planet except the creed and ideal that made us great.  Christianity.  How the scoffers mock the Christians, they laugh at the failures of high profile Christians.  They joke about them on talk shows and dismiss Godfearing people as buffoons that cling to an out of date creed that should not be attractive to sophisticated modern man.  The Godless among us have set our country on a course for ruin.  The liberal “elites” mock God and belittle the Christians of this land.  The news media and Hollywood elites ruthlessly trample on Christian sensibilities like a herd of pigs.  They accuse Christians of being hypocrites, yet they are the greatest hypocrites of them all.  How many of them that weep for the children of Newtown will weep for the millions of unborn children whose lives were snuffed out by a nation that deemed their lives insignificant since they were inconvenient?  They turn from God and sacrifice our children to their selfishness.   They have pushed God away and embraced evil.  Is it any wonder that this is happening to us?  

The problem will continue as consecutive governments continue to lead us further from the God of our fathers.  Until we realize that the expulsion of God from our nation is our true problem we will never repair the extensive damage that has been done.  The alters in our land must be torn down.  There comes a time when a government is unjust and is not worthy of the obedience of its citizens.  Especially a government that pretends to be a democracy.  How long must we accept the leadership of the un-Godly that is thrust upon us?!



“Is the truth not worth fighting for?” Godfree2012

In light of the most recent middle eastern madness being splashed upon our television screens it is imperative that we closely observe the true ramifications of this situation.  The middle east has a long history of  terrorism (using terror to achieve political gains) so it is no surprise to me and neither should it be a surprise to anybody else that the Muslims are behaving in the manner that they are.  They have always used terror.  If you went back to the inception of  Islam you would realize that Islam itself spread through terror.  Convert to Islam or we will attack you.   Now the message is very simple, conform to Sharia law or we will attack  you.  The Islamists hate our freedoms, they hate our freedom of religion, and they hate our freedom of speech.  The Muslims are trying to use fear and intimidation to prevent us from criticizing Islam.  Death threats and violence.  Why should we have to obey Muslim blasphemy laws?  I have watched videos on the internet of Muslim Imans burning bibles, yet you don’t see Christians rioting and killing diplomats all over the globe.  This should demonstrate to everyone who is capable of rational thinking and has a brain larger than a hamster the true nature of  Islam; it is a violent pseudo political and religious, fascist ideology.

The future of our civilization depends on our answer to whether we have a right to disobey Islamic law.  The cowards among us are always bending over backwards trying not to offend the plethora of Muslim sensibilities.   The truth is that we do not owe Islam anything.  Islam is a hateful violent ideology.  Islam demonstrates none of the values that we cherish as free born western citizens.  I am chilled when I read U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon when he says;  “When some people use this freedom of expression to provoke or humiliate some others’ values and beliefs, then this cannot be protected in such a way.”  Really mister Secretary-General?  The liberals are trying to argue that if you make the Islamists mad, you should know that they will kill as a result, you must bear some responsibility for those deaths.  Even though I think the movie that the Islamists are blaming for their latest insanity sucks, and is not worth watching, I cannot help but notice that most of what the movie said about Muhommad is true, mainly that he was a murderous thug and pedophile.  So what does our government do?  They haul the filmaker in and ask him what his intent was.  What the hell makes his intent even relevant?!?  That filmaker was exercising his inalienable right to free speech!  His film speaks for itself, it is obvious why he made it, and that it’s intent is to insult Islam.  How dare the government try to silence the citizens and remove their freedoms under the guise of hate speech!

Since when did liberals care about the sensitive feelings of the religious?  Just look in the news and see the various ways they insult Christianity on a daily basis.  They have a seizure about a nativity scene in a public place.   The liberals don’t care about Islam.  The truth is that the liberals are a bunch of cowards.  They would rather sell our freedoms away for some vague promise of peace rather than vigourously defend our freedoms against those who are it’s enemies.  They readily criticize Christianity and other religions because they are peaceful religions and they know that the Christians won’t go on a killing spree if their religion is insulted.  If you really think about it, what they are really saying is that non-Muslims living in non-Muslim countries should voluntarily adhere to Muslim law.  The thinking of the appeasers is insane.

As freeborn citizens we owe no obedience to Islamic law, and we have an obligation to not obey it.  Going along with their twisted ideology will erode our freedoms just as it does and did in all Muslim lands today.  We all need to forcefully challenge the concept of “hate speech” which if allowed to take root will erode our right to speak freely and sharia law will follow.




“Is the truth not worth fighting for?” Godfree2012

“A tolerant society is not a suicidal society… Openness can never be open-ended.”  Geert Wilders

Many times I have found myself shaking my head totally bewildered at how much trouble the media and western politicians have gone through in their vain attempts to paint Islam as tolerant, sane, and peaceful.  I wonder if the madness of the Muslim world is just too disturbing for them, and that just as the wife of an alcoholic explains away the madness of her husband’s actions; the western political elite do the same.  The concept of moderate Islam is a projection of western values and culture onto a religion and culture that is totally alien.  This projection is eagerly upheld by the Muslims themselves as they try to sell their inferior culture and religion to the West.  The concept of a generally “Good Islam” which is attributed to the rulers of the Muslim world and the waves of immigrants washing up on western shores that is separate from the “Bad Islam” composed of a tiny minority of extremists may be comforting, but it has no objective reality, and is nothing more than a psychological defense mechanism against the horror of the reality of violent Islam and the threat it represents.  This psychology was present when the Titanic sank, and when Hitler rose to power in World War 2.  The unfortunate reality is that in all of these instances the long term damage was greater than it would have been if denial of reality was not active. 

President Bush was quick to label the 9/11 attacks as the work of a small minority of Islamic extremists that in no way represented Islam as a whole.  I often wondered how the video footage of the Palestinians and multitudes in the Muslim world that danced in the streets for joy on that infamous day could totally escape him?  Why did he feel so inclined to declare that the war was against the extremists rather than the Muslim world as a whole when the Muslim world was dancing in the streets when they saw the images of American towers toppling?  I am sure that if you asked the “Muslim street” they would tell you that America is the “Great Satan” and is an enemy of Islam.

President Obama has his own warped view of Islam.  He sees the Islamic takeover in Egypt and the Muslim world as popular resistance movements against colonial oppression and the evils of American foreign policy.  His Marxist view is even more out of touch than Bush.  I can’t help but wonder how it escapes him that these people that are taking over are hostile groups like the Muslim Brotherhood etc that have goals to convert the whole world to Islam, through force if necessary.

Islam is in no way Western.  It is quite different from anything our civilization is used to dealing with.  Islam does not rely on a centralized leadership.  It has seeped into the cultures of the regions it conquered for hundreds of years, and in some areas for over a thousand years.  Islam is an identity for its adherents much more than Nazism or Communism ever was.  Islam is a ruthless ideology/religion that stole belief from other religions, and stole wealth and knowledge from other civilizations.  Islam is similar to a parasite in that it needs a host to feed on, and it does not produce anything of value except to multiply itself.  Islam does not boast of any enlightenment to its adherents, only submission, and its greatest achievements have not been spiritual (such as exalting the human spirit) but physical in its expansion that was accomplished through warfare and deceit.

We take unity for granted.  That is why we don’t understand the unity appeal of Islam that is felt by more tribalized people.  We are united because of meaningful national identities.  The Muslim world has no national identities, they are still tribal in essence, and the only force of unity that exists within their societies is Islam itself.  Some of the more ruthless despots like Saddam Hussein and Nasser managed to forge their respective countries into relatively functional entities but they never got close to Soviet Russia or any of the dictatorships of the Western world.  We can draw all the lines on the map that we want, but the Muslims themselves see themselves defined as tribes and families, not nations.  The only forms of government in the Muslim world that are stable are dictatorships held by military strongmen that use secret police and rule by fear.  Remove the dictator, and civil war always follows.  That is the truth behind the whole “Arab Spring” which is nothing more than revolts against dictatorships that have lost the power to hold the tribes in check.  Muhammad did nothing more than eliminate all religions into one in order to join the warring tribes and families.

Unity, strength, all accomplished through Jihad.  This is the appeal of Islam to the tribal peoples of the middle east.  This is why the unity accomplished by warfare and bloody conflict is the act of greatest religious devotion and ecstasy to the true Muslim.  Within the bloody butchery of Jihad all tribal quarrels are supressed and all the treacherous backstabbing tribesmen see themselves as something greater.  This is why the Muslims thirst for blood, they desire war.  They find religious meaning through war.  Jihad is the ultimate religious act for a Muslim, and establishment of a global Caliphate is their goal. 

When you understand the true nature of Islam, you start to realize what a sham all this talk of moderate Islam is.  To the Muslim, Islam is a form of global unity that must be achieved at any cost.  Some Muslims try to achieve conversions through Dawa or missionary work, but Islam has always spread by the sword.  The sword is how mass conversions are achieved.  A non-violent Islam has no substance in and of itself, and collapses into a system of tribal morality and half-empty truths; which further recedes to secular and cultural forces.  In response, the Islamists revive its core ethos through violence and once more beat the drums of war.  Islam is nourished by conflict. 

The Western political elite do not understand this.  They think that Islam can be “cured” or “tamed” by democracy and capitalism.  Capitalism has only served to enrich the house of Saud which uses the money to finance the Islamic invasion of the west.  Where do you think all the money for the mosques is coming from?  Giving the Muslims wealth has actually increased the Muslim threat, everything we have done thus far has only served to empower our enemy.  History always repeats itself.  The Islamists are effectively exploiting Democracy and Capitalism.  The uprisings in several of their countries have been sold as Democratic movements to garner support and air strikes from the West.  The whole “Arab Spring” which has been sold as a grassroots movement for freedom across the Muslim world is really an Islamic takeover.  Just ask the Copts in Egypt what is in store for them. 

Capitalism and Democracy are only tools used to express the potential of the civilization employing them.  They are not intrinsically good in and of themselves.  They cannot cure Islam.

Every Time I read the news, I see a new instance of Muslim rage at some horrible “atrocity” that the West has done.  I am embarrassed every time the idiots in power try to cater to their sensibilities (or should I say, insensibility’s?) by profusely apologizing to them and harassing our people if they do not cater to the Muslim sensibilities as they do.  Don’t they realize that these displays of anger  give the Muslims a sense of power?  Catering to them only reduces us to Dhimmi (servant) status in their eyes.  We must realize that to the Muslim anger is its own reward, anger in the name of Allah is a religious experience to the Muslim.  Rioting in the streets, beating their wives, cutting off the heads of infidels, all of these are expressions of Muslim devotion to the war god Allah.  It does not matter what we do, the Muslims will always be angry.  It is part of their religion. 

Our policymakers try to battle the terrorists by creating alliances with the faction of the month, hoping to use them and end up being used by the tribal factions themselves for their ends.  Western policy making has totally failed because they still don’t understand the Muslim society.  The Muslims have the appearance of nationhood and industry,  but at their heart they are still tribal barbarians that are not civilized.  Dress a pig in clothes it is still a pig, and will behave as such.  Islam does not have the separation of the mosque and state, because their is no state, only the mosque.  You can put the pig in the farmers house, he is still a pig.  Moderate Islam exists only in the heads of the political elite, and to flirt with fantasy and wishful thinking when the survival of civilizations is at stake is at best insane and at worst downright diabolical.      



“Is the truth not worth fighting for?” Godfree2012



If those in charge of our society – politicians, corporate executives, and owners of press and television – can dominate our ideas, they will be secure in their power. They will not need soldiers patrolling the streets. We will control ourselves. — Howard Zinn, historian and author

During the tidal crest of Communism, if you had asked Soviet citizens how things were going, they would have told you that they had a booming economy and that the capitalists would soon turn from their evil ways and join the brotherhood of Communism.  If you asked them how they knew this to be true, they would have told you that they read it in the paper, or watched it on television.  If it is printed in the paper, or the talking heads on television are saying it, it has to be true, right?  In the same way, you hear on the news that those crazy paranoid bloggers that speak incessantly about the evils of Islam are crazy warped individuals called Islamophobes.  You hear on the news that we are racist (Islam is a race?  I thought it was a tyranical dictatorial religious political racist murderous ideology) against Muslims and that those of the Muslim faith that commit worldwide atrocities are a small minority of fanatics that have misconstrued a peaceful loving religion. 

We continue to watch the news, and with time the quality of the reporting becomes increasingly biased; there was a time when they at least pretended to be nonbiased in their reporting, now they don’t even bother to hide it.  You can see this right now by tuning in to CNN, ABC, NBC or any other liberal propaganda outlet the manufactored gaffes done by Romney on his foreign visits.  Like salivating dogs they have leaped on him, asking him continuously about every word he said, not bothering to try to focus on the issues, trying to paint him a certain way and slanting all of their reporting to support their idiot assertions.  They aren’t even creative when they perform their media assassination tricks, here is ther formula;

Step 1. Call something that a candidate has done a gaffe.

Step 2.  Report on the gaffe claim that your media outlet just made. Do not call it a claim, treat it as a verified fact that everyone has already acknowledged.

Step 3. Turn the gaffe reporting into the major issue by talking about it all the time. Interview experts who are willing to back up your gaffe claim.

Step 4. Fire constant questions at the candidate to force him to acknowledge the gaffe. If he discusses the issue in any way, describe him as apologizing or walking back his previous statements. Print essays that accuse him of being an incompetent flip-flopping wimp. If he refuses to discuss it, accuse him of stonewalling and print essays that accuse him of living in denial because he refuses to admit what “everyone” already knows. Either way you’ve proven that he’s a bad person.

Step 5. Repeat step 1 several times. Then begin reporting on a “Pattern of Gaffes”, a “Pattern of Stonewalling” and a “Pattern of Flip-Flopping”.

We got a preview of the media’s gaffe manufacturing process during Romney’s international trip. There are currently more media stories on Romney’s gaffe then there are on the latest bad news for the economy. The narrative is being set through constant repetition.

They continue relentlessly, bombarding us with their propaganda, all the while avoiding issues like the economy and the multitude of blunders and failures of the Obama administration.  They don’t even report on the things that interest us.  They shove their opinions down our throats.  All of us should be deeply offended by the shenanigans of these liars, they insult the intelligence of us all.  The free people of the west should go to the Internet for their news, for it is only there that we can get the whole truth, researching both sides of the issues and drawing educated conclusions.  No more should we accept the politically correct, anti-American, anti-christian values of the enemedia as they attempt to socially engineer our societies into a mold of their own elitist leftist socialist idealism.



“Is the truth not worth fighting for?” Godfree2012




“Congress shall make no law respecting establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or prohibiting the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people to peaceably assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”  US Constitution

In the present climate of “hate speech” and “politically incorrect” ideas and statements I wonder if all these new terms are not just attempts to stifle debate and silence critics?  After all, who exactly defines what is politically correct and what is hate speech?  What is hate speech anyway?  Much of these terms seem to border on insanity when observed by a rational mind.  Political Correctness manifests itself in our society in three ways.

  1. Political correctness is a set of attitudes & beliefs divorced from mainstream values.
  2. The politically correct person has a prescriptive view on how people should think & what they are permitted to discuss.
  3. Political correctness is embedded in public institutions, which have a legislative base, & which have coercive powers.

The third manifestation is what makes political correctness so powerful.  If they didn’t have coercive powers it would just be another view discussed in classrooms etc.  It is interesting to note that politically correct politicians have ceased to represent the interests of the majority.  Rather, they are fixated on the cares & concerns of minority groups.  It is interesting to watch the liberal media, and the liberal politicians as they labor to establish anything contrary to their views as politically incorrect.  This is not surprising, since political correctness was birthed in Marxism at the Institute for Social Research (originally known as the Institute for Marxism) in 1923 Germany.  Thus, it is not surprising that Liberals and their ilk are the ones espousing “Political Correctness” so vehemently.  To disagree with them is to be hateful, intolerant (abandon all your opinions?), racist etc.  It flows so naturally with Marxist ideology, since in Communism (and Islam)  the individual is abandoned for the collective. 

The course of battle against this intellectual parasite is to demand Free Speech be regarded as more important than Political Correctness and the restrictions it wishes to impose on our freedom.  Further, Political Correctness is the enemy of Free Speech and only one can prevail.  These disgusting Marxist codes must be cast out and we must all embrace our ancestral liberties and rights!  If we don’t, we will be helpless to battle the forces that wish to enslave us and steal our freedom.




"Is the truth not worth fighting for?" Godfree2012